Willow & Autumn’s 18th Birthday Project RULES

It’s that time of year again! Willow and Autumn’s 18th birthday is coming up (June 1st) it’s time to begin this year’s birthday project! For the past six years we have created birthday videos filled with submissions from fans all across the world. Every year I send the projects to the Shields’ family and they have absolutely loved them! If you’re new, here are the links to previous projects: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, and 2017.

Want to join? Read the rules and how to submit below! Please note that due to organization issues, I will be stricter on submissions, so please review them or your entry will not be included!


1. Record yourself wishing Willow and Autumn a very happy birthday!
2. Make a fan video for Willow and Autumn.
3. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign wishing the girls happy birthday!
4. Make a fan-made graphic/edit.
5. Type out a sweet message for them to read!
6. Any other ideas? Go ahead!


1. You may submit pictures, videos, or a typed message.
2. Videos must be no longer than 20 seconds. If they are longer, I will have to trim them down.
3. If you would like to include a fan-made graphic, it is recommended you use the dimensions 1280px wide and 720px tall. You do not have to use these dimensions but it will give the best view in the video!
4. Only appropriate entries will make it into the final project.
5. All entries are due May 26nd.
6. You may only submit 2 entries for EACH GIRL. For example, if you had a fan edit and a message for Willow, you are also allowed to submit both a fan edit and message for Autumn. If your message/edit includes both girls anyways, the limit is 2. I hope this isn’t too confusing but if you have any questions please ask!
7. I will only be accepting emailed submissions. I have been lenient on this in the past but due to organization, I won’t accept anything that is submitted on Instagram, Twitter, ect.


Please copy and paste this form and include it in an email to introducingwillow@gmail.com.

First Name:
Link to your entry (if it can not be sent via email attachment):

Thank you all and I can’t WAIT to see all the fun entries for the project this year! Don’t forget all entries are due by the 26th of May and their 18th birthday will be on June 1st.

Willow Joins “The Unsettling”

Exciting news! Willow has joined the cast of The Unsettling, an upcoming horror series from AwesomenessTV. Willow is currently in her home state of New Mexico to film.
Principal photography will take place from now until early June. The name of her character has not been released but as soon as I find out I will update you! For now, here is a plot description from Albuquerque Journal. Congratulations, Willow!

The series tells the story of Becca, a 16-year-old girl who arrives at her new foster home located in a remote area. Her foster siblings are less than welcoming but none more so than the 13-year-old biological son of their foster parents.

Becca tries to keep to herself and adjust to her new home, but strange things start to happen around her and Becca is uncertain about who or what is responsible. – Albuquerque Journal

Woodstock or Bust: First Official Trailer

Exciting news! The first trailer for Willow’s next film Woodstock or Bust is HERE! According to the trailer, the film is expected to be released in July 2019. Click the image below to watch the trailer and be sure to share the news!

Woodstock or Bust Trailer - Willow Shields

Willow Outside Avenue Nightclub

Last night Willow attended the #ZendayaEditsBooHoo party at Avenue Nightclub. I’ve added some photos of Willow outside the event to the gallery.

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