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As some of you may know, Willow is the current cover star of Afterglow Magazine! The issue is out now! It features a great new interview as well as beautiful photos by photographer Kalie Johnston. Click here to get the issue. Buying it in print is $17.90, but if you download a digital copy, it is FREE! I have also added the photoshoot images to the gallery. Aren’t they gorgeous?

This morning in NYC, Willow appeared on the Today Show in NYC. As of now, there is no video of her appearance on the show but there are photos of her arriving at Rockefeller Plaza this morning for the show which I have added to the gallery. I will add more when they become available and hopefully I can add video from the show as well! EDIT: a video clip of her appearance is now online. Check it out!

This past weekend, Willow was in McAllen, Texas for their annual holiday parade. I am hoping to get some nice photos from the event to add to the gallery, but in the meantime I have photos of Willow and actor Ismael Cruz visiting the The Children’s Center at Renaissance to visit with some of the young patients. Check out the sweet photos below.

I have added four new outtakes from Willow’s shoot with Wonderland magazine. The photos were taken by Columbine Goldsmith and Natalie Toren was the fashion editor. Aren’t the photos gorgeous? Check them out!

Willow took Entertainment Weekly‘s Pop Culture Personality Test. She talks about geeking out at Comic Con while in an elevator with X-Men stars, her favorite music, her favorite TV-shows, and more! Click the image below to watch the video over on Entertainment Weekly’s site!

Willow was shot by the talented photography Columbine Goldsmith for the November/December issue of Wonderland Magazine. In it, she talks about landing the role of Prim, her advice from Jennifer Lawrence, and what her future looks like. Click here to read the full article.

Hello Willow fans! Today is a big day because The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One is now out in theaters! Have you seen it? The whole film is so powerful, suspenseful, and emotional. And of course, Willow does an incredible job playing Primrose. I also have a fun new interview Willow did with UsWeekly so be sure to check it out!

While in NYC, Willow stopped by Buzzfeed to play a fun little game to gear up for Mockingjay Part One. In it, Willow decides which Panem districts certain celebrities would live in. Click the image below to find out where Willow placed One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ryan Gosling, and more!

Willow appeared at the exclusive Montreal premiere of Mockingjay Part One last night in Canada. Willow looked absolutely gorgeous and was greeted by enthusiastic fans! It looks like everyone had a great time! I have added photos to the gallery. Also- as I am sure you all know, Mockingjay Part One comes out… TOMORROW! Who is planning to see it this weekend? We hope you have fun!

While in New York City back in September, Willow shot with photographer Mads Teglers for Refinery29. Be sure to check out the absolutely gorgeous photos as well as read the new interview Willow did with the site!

R29: Because you’ve started your career next to her, do you think it’s important to be yourself in interviews and red carpets and stuff? Or do you approach it with a little bit more of a wall up?
W: “I do think it’s important to be yourself and be truthful with who you are as a person, because there’s really no other way to do it in my opinion. Just be yourself and it works that way! Watching Jennifer Lawrence do it — she’s so natural and she doesn’t take it too seriously — but then there’s that other side of her that does take it seriously.”

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